Summary in English

European Researchers’ Night

at National Technical University of Athens

Friday, September 30, 2016




National Technical University of Athens, Patission Historic Complex, Averof Building [Europa Nostra Award for its conservation and rehabilitation in 2012]




Researchers’ Night at NTUA has an additional special moto this year, “Let’s go to NTUA for research”, to re-invent the connection between Academia and Society, and more specifically the longtime historic connection between the National Technical University of Athens and Greek society throughout the country’s history for democracy and development. 



Opening ceremony - Round Table Discussion [18:00 - 19:30]

The Opening Ceremony with the title “Development with innovation and culture” will take place at the Ceremony Hall of the Averof Building, where the hosting organization, the Rectorships of the other Universities of Athens and representatives of the co-organizers and supporters of the event will welcome the Night participants and briefly present their research and innovation activities. A Round Table Discussion with the theme “Students innovate” will follow for the presentation of the research and innovation achievements within school environment.


NTUA Musical Department [19:30 - 20:00]

A chorus performance will take place by the NTUA Musical Department at the Ceremony Hall of Averof Building, following the Round Table Discussion.




Thematic corners [17:00 - 22:00]

Thematic corners will be organized at the Atrium of Averof Building: Research and Education Corner, Employment and Innovation Corner, Development and Sustainability Corner.  Additionally, a European Corner will be organized with the participation of Marie Curie Researchers, who will present their research activities to the public through demonstrations, experiments, and live discussions.


Vocational guidance [17:00 - 22:00]

Students and teachers will also have the opportunity to discuss vocational guidance with expert consultants from the Career Offices of the NTUA and the Universities of Athens, as well as the Technical Chamber of Greece.


Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park [17:00 - 22:00]

NTUA Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park will present research projects supporting the local community of Lavrion Municipality in the sectors of environment and culture.


Live demonstrations by NTUA competition students’ teams [19:00 - 22:00]

Live demonstrations of the following NTUA students’ teams will take place every half an hour:

-  Eco energy vehicle - PROMETHEUS NTUA Team

-  Formula SAE - Prom Racing NTUA Team

-  Chem-E-Car competition

Live connection with the control room of CERN Institute
[21:00 - 21:30]

Live connection with the control room of CERN Institute will take place regarding the ALICE experiment, answering live questions posed by the audience.


The Street Value of Science [21:30 - 23:00]

Τhe Athens Night will be linked through live streaming to Thessaloniki Night and the innovative musical-scientific event “The Street Value of Science” will be transmitted and projected live from Thessaloniki in the Athens Led Wall.


NTUA Percussion Team [22:00 - 23:00]

A musical performance by the NTUA Percussion Team will take place at the Atrium of Averof Building, unifying the musicians and the audience.


Awards to the participants in games and contests [21:30]

A lottery will take place at the Atrium of Averof Building for all the participants in the Treasure Hunt game, with lots of presents and souvenirs. Awards will be given to the students participating in all the pre-event and live contests.


Before saying Good-NIGHT

Before leaving the Event, the NIGHT participants will be given Certificates for their participation and will be asked to fill in the questionnaire for the evaluation of the Event, providing ideas and suggestions for its amelioration at year 2017.




Research activities [17:00 - 23:00]

The visitors will be acquainted with the research conducted at NTUA Schools (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Rural and Surveying Engineering, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Naval Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences), through experiments, simulations, demonstrations, games etc.


Universities of Athens [17:00 - 23:00]

All the Universities of Athens will also be participating in NTUA’s Researchers’ Night, in a special hall, promoting the research performed in Higher Educational Institutions, with the participation of selected research teams from diverse scientific fields.


University Museums [17:00 - 22:00]

Selected University Museums, such as NTUA’s Geo-orama, UOA’s Mineral Museum and AUA’s Agricultural Museum will be presenting their successful educational programs.


High School Student research teams [17:00 - 22:00]

High school student teams will also be presenting their experimental achievements and innovative scientific proposals.


Interdisciplinary NTUA research work [19:00 - 22:00]

Two representative interdisciplinary NTUA research works will be presented at the amphitheatre of Averof Building, the interdisciplinary contribution of NTUA to the restoration of Historic Bridge of Plaka as well as the interdisciplinary work “Materials and Conservation, reinforcement and rehabilitation interventions in the Holy Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre”.


Exhibition of 2015 - 2016 Diploma Theses, School of Architecture [18:00 - 22:00]

The NIGHT participants will have the chance to visit the exhibition of 2015 - 2016 academic year diploma theses of NTUA School of Architecture undergraduate students at the Historic Building of Rectorate, a rather impressive and inspiring work. 


Museum of Experiments [17:00 - 22:00]

Special activities (experiments, science - related board games) for students will be organized by the Museum of Experiments presented by their young visitors, experienced at the organization of such activities.


Shadow Theater [20:00 - 21:00]

A shadow theater will take place at the Amphitheatre of Averof buildings with the established and highly attended act “Karagiozis Researcher”.


Treasure hunt “Find the Researcher” [17:00 - 21:30]

A Treasure Hunt “Find the Researcher” is planned for students. More specifically, students will be given a “map” with photos of selected scientific equipment placed at various Halls of the Averof Building exposed by Researchers’ Teams. They will have to locate the specific equipment, ask for their sticker from the respective Researcher, place it at their map, return it to the Secretariat and take part in the lottery for gaining souvenirs which will be held at 9 o’clock at the Atrium.


Drawing - construction activities and contests [17:00 - 22:00]

Drawing and construction activities, “Small engineers”, will take place for students at the Halls of Averof Building with the aid of NIGHT volunteers. These include the activities “Let’s go to NTUA for research - make the picture”, “Research in words, but … in other words”, “Take a Selfie with Research”.

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